Engineered Stone & Quartz Countertops

Quartzstone starts with quartz, one of nature's hardest and most beautiful materials.

Only three stones surpass quartz in hardness - topaz, sapphire, and diamonds.
Natural quartz - which makes up 93% of all quartzstone countertops - is nonporous. When natural quartzstone is bonded with high-performance polymers, man-made quartzstone is much more stain-resistant than natural stone.

Quartzstone has all of the natural beauty of granite and, with very little effort and no maintenance, can have durability beyond that of both granite and solid surfaces.

Wine, vinegar, tea, fruit and vegetable juices won't affect a quartzstone countertop because the material is completely sealed.

Since quartzstone countertops are 93% premium-quality natural quartz, it's absolutely scratch-resistant. Quartz actually scores 2 points higher than stainless steel on the Mohr's hardness scale, meaning that you can cut directly on the countertop without scratching it.

Quartzstone countertops are the strongest natural stone surface on the market today, about 2 times stronger than granite! Tests show that quartz countertops can endure load of an amazing 6,839 lbs. per sq. inch.

In addition to its hard, stain resistant surface, quartzstone countertops are heat resistant. This means that it won't melt or scar, although hot pads are highly recommended to prevent rapid temperature changes that could crack the stone.

Quartzstone countertops come in a wide variety of colors ranging from natural earth tones to the colors of the rainbow. The colors and textures in quartz countertops are consistent meaning that if you need additions or replacements you can be assured that the materials will match.

For countertops in Tallahassee, Kitch-Encounters currently offers five popular brands of quartzstone countertops: Cambria, Silestone, Zodiaq, Hanstone, and LG Viatera. Each brand offers a wide variety of colors and all brands come with a 10-year warranty – except Cambria, which carries a limited lifetime warranty (see the manufacturers printed material for details).

Quartzstone countertops from Kitch-Encounters are virtually maintenance-free! There is no need for sealing because it is already completely sealed. There is no need to worry about the countertops being stained, spills can easily be wiped away and ordinary cleaners can be used.

Quartzstone countertops naturally maintain their luster and years from now it will look as good as the first day it was installed by Kitch-Encounters!

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